At Property Portfolio Partners we are focused on solutions. Not just products.

At the end of the day, we don’t specialise in property investment because we particularly like houses or apartments.

We specialise in property investment as we believe it’s wealth creation ability allows us to provide excellent financial solutions for our clients.

We have surveyed our clients over the last 18 years on the problems they want solved and the top 4 problems were as follows:

1.    I’m paying too much tax.

Aren’t we all? This one is solved, solved, solved! Many of our clients are paying less than a quarter of the tax they were paying before meeting with Property Portfolio Partners. Some of our clients are paying NO TAX AT ALL!

2.    I don’t know if i’m on track for retirement.

One of the single biggest problems for Australian families, especially amongst 35-50 year olds is that many have no idea if they are financially prepared for retirement or if they’ll have to keep working into their later years.

In your very first meeting with Property Portfolio Partners you will find out whether you are on track for a safe and secure retirement using your current methods, or not.

And even more importantly than that, you will find out what to do about it!

For Property Portfolio Partners, this is the crux of why we do what we do. We take absolute pleasure in educating our clients about this topic and then in providing a solution that works for each and every individual investor. This can be an incredibly eye opening experience and one that may indeed change your entire attitude and approach to retirement!

3.    I’m struggling to save!

This problem is becoming more and more prevalent.

As taxes inevitably increase, the cost of living expands and competition in the workplace tightens, many Australians find it difficult to save.

After all of these costs have been met, it’s no wonder there’s not much left to put away for a rainy day!

Property Portfolio Partners understand this struggle and that our financial system is almost set up to make it hard to save.

We are able to show you how you can explode your savings and do it in a way you have probably never considered!

Call us today to make a time and find out how to super charge your saving ability!!
4.    How do I pay off my home faster?

Many Australians aren’t happy with the prospect of a 30 year mortgage where the only winner is the bank!

Yet, thats what many Australians are seemingly locked into.

Not any more!

With the various different debt and mortgage reduction strategies provided by our specialist referral Finance Brokers combined WITH the power  of Investment Property, you have access to a complete system for the reduction of your mortgage.

Would you like to pay off your mortgage in 7-10 years instead of 25-30?

In summary, over the last 18 years, we’ve helped our clients to handle almost every single challenge you could possibly imagine!

And we’ve found that there’s one, single, vitally important key to overcoming problems.

The key is this and this alone:

Confront the problem.

I know this sounds very simple, yet it is a factor so often overlooked or missed. In the absence of knowledge on how to solve such problems, many of us simply ignore the problem, hoping it will disappear.

Property Portfolio Partners are extremely well practised in assisting our client solve their problems. We help you to confront the problem and to swiftly and without delay, solve that problem!

So pick up that phone and call Property Portfolio Partners today on 03 9876 7722!

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