The History of PPP

In the early 90's, Rowland Hill, one of the most successful Financial Planners and Insurance Agents in Australia at the time, came to a significant realisation regarding retirement planning.

He realised that more than 90% of Australians wouldn't be able to retire under their own steam and as such would have to rely on a government pension. He was also acutely aware that the Australian government's various efforts to encourage people to voluntarily contribute to their own Superannuation funds (via tax breaks) from the 1960s onwards had largely been a failure. At this time (around 1992), the Keating Government introduced the Superannuation Guarantee scheme where employers were required to make tax-deductible superannuation contributions on behalf of their employees. Rowland felt that whilst this was a good start, it may be too little too late.

Rowland was also aware that many other types of investments depended heavily on world markets, having the potential for good growth, but also the risk of sharp declines. These fears were well founded.

Many billions of dollars were wiped from Australians' superannuation investments (estimates range between $75 - $430 Billion) when the GFC hit in the mid 2000's, forcing many retirees to return to work.

Another factor well known to Rowland was that the Australian Government had a significant problem on its hands in the ongoing housing requirements of the Australian population and that investors stood to benefit greatly from this situation. Not wanting to fund public housing for large numbers of people, the government had bought in a unique tax relief scheme (Negative Gearing of Investment Property) which encouraged people to invest in property.

Rowland turned his attention to investigating negative gearing and found it to be far more beneficial in his opinion, than many other types of investments.

Basically, here was an investment that, a. required very little upfront monies invested (if any at all), b. was funded largely by the tenant and the taxman, and c. legally helped investors to avoid large amounts of income tax!

Since 1993, Property Portfolio Partners have helped more than 1000 people to invest in residential investment property, setting themselves on the path to a secure future. Many of these clients have built substantial equity with one or more properties.

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