About the Founder of PPP

Over the last 36 years, Rowland Hill has been assisting Australians to build wealth, initially within the Life Insurance/Financial Planning industry and since 1993 within the Real Estate field. His passion and dedication for helping his clients towards a safe, secure and funded future is unrivalled.

Rowland's belief in residential property investment is deeply rooted in the simple (but not always obvious) fact that unlike ALL other forms of investment, residential property is a commodity that simply cannot be done without. Whether an owner, tenant or both, everyone needs a place to live! More on this can be found in our Property Education section under "Why Invest In property"

Using his extensive knowledge, he is able to assist you to look at the total picture in a way that standard real estate agents simply don't do. This perspective and experience places you in a position to take advantage of this knowledge and with the potential to maximise your results!

Rowland's standards are extremely high and as such, he has spent many years forming relationships with some of the finest experts in the areas most relevant to property investment, such as house construction, property research & due diligence, property finance, property law, property rental and building inspections. As a Property Portfolio Partners client, you have the opportunity to benefit directly from the invaluable experience and advice of such a cache of experts.

"As the founder and CEO of Property Portfolio Partners, I would like to personally invite you to attend an initial meeting with a Property Portfolio Partners consultant, who will provide you with a free assessment of your current progress towards a safe and secure retirement and some invaluable education on the topic of investment property".

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Rowland Hill