Is Timing Important?

Timing IS important... But not for Property Portfolio Partners or our clients!!

Let me explain.

Timing IS important if you are a speculative investor. However, we don’t recommend or suggest speculating on property.

Property speculation is just like speculation on the share market. We like to leave that to those who like big risks and who are happy to roll the dice... And happy to risk big losses...

So what is our philosophy?

Well, rather than TIMING the market we believe in TIME IN the market...

The more TIME spent IN the market, the better...

The longer you spend IN the property market, the less you need to even think about timing.

For eg.  when you invest in property over a minimum of 10 years, you virtually eliminate the effect of market ups and downs... Over the 3 decades from 1980-2010 median house prices in Sydney averaged 8.3% Capital Growth, Melbourne 9.05% and Brisbane 10.16%. (Source RP Data). At an average rate of Capital Growth of 7.2% per annum property doubles in value every 10 years.

That’s why at Property Portfolio Partners we believe that a responsible, low risk residential property investment with historically sound results is the best way forward!

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