How to Invest In Property

The process involved in the process of purchasing your first investment property can be daunting. In fact, let’s not skirt around the edges. Unless you are an expert in finance, property law and property in general, it IS daunting...

Property Portfolio Partners have taken this process to pieces and over the last 18 years have established a complete system of managing your property purchase from the point of your initial expression of interest, through to finance approval, land settlement, construction, final completion, inspection and handover. We even assist you to find a tenant.

We have refined this process so that it occurs:

  1. As swiftly as possible
  2. As professionally as possible, with you being able to track the progress of your purchase from the very outset, and
  3. As safely as possible. We ensure you are always in the drivers seat with any queries about your purchase answered swiftly and professionally at all times.

How do we do this?

Property Portfolio Partners have amassed a team of professional parters whom, through their expertise in areas such as finance, property law, construction, rentals and tax structuring, put you in a position of strength.

All of the professionals we engage have been through rigorous selection criteria and are continually expected to perform at above industry average in terms of service, quality and value to Property Portfolio Partners clients.

We tie all of these resources together via our team of Project Managers. Once you purchase your property with PPP, you are assigned a Project Manager (your single point of contact) who will manage all of these resources and keep you in the loop at all times.

This places you in a position of exceptional strength.

Additionally, you have complete choice over whether you wish to use the resources we recommend or whether you wish to bring in your own experts. Or, a combination of both.

So, whether you are an experienced investor or a novice, Property Portfolio Partners are your prime partner to assist you in securing your future through property.

Call Property Portfolio Partners today on 03 9876 7722 to take the first step towards your financial future.

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How to invest in property