Property Education

At Property Portfolio Partners, we believe that knowledge is THE MOST IMPORTANT factor when considering any type of investment. That is why we focus so heavily on educating our clients about this subject of Investment Property.

Why is knowledge so important though?

Well, let me put it this way...

You want complete control over your investments, right?

You want the certainty that your financial future is secure, correct?

Well, in order to have control over something, it'd be a pretty good idea to be able to take responsibility for it, don't you think?

Have you ever seen someone driving a car, who didn't really take full responsibility for controlling the car? They didn't control the car very well did they! They probably had a lot of accidents?

Not taking responsibility for something is the primary cause of not having proper control over it... So if you want control over your investments, you need to take responsibility for them.

So how does one take responsibility? What is the prerequisite for responsibility?

Knowledge of course!

Have you ever tried to take responsibility for something you knew nothing about? Pretty difficult isn't it.

Have you ever seen someone who's never had children, never held a baby and pretty much doesn't know anything about them? Have you ever seen such a person handed a baby to hold?

They freak out right? They try to hand it back don't they! That's because they can't take responsibility for something without knowledge.

It'd be like putting your 12 year old in the drivers seat of your car and telling him to go down the street and buy bread & milk. He wouldn't have the knowledge about driving a car and therefore wouldn't be able to take responsibility.

So to put it simply...

Property Portfolio Partners give you:

Knowledge: Once you have enough of this, you will start to consider taking responsibility.

Responsibility: You get this through lots of Knowledge.

Control: Once you have the knowledge, you take responsibility, THEN you will have control over your investments.

This is real power!

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